Tuesday, May 21, 2019

My Faith Conquers

My Testimony

I didn’t anticipate myself to be good. When I first started freelance writing back in 2003, I assumed I was too “deep-rooted” and also “far behind” to ever “make it” as a writer. All I wanted was to write my way and what was easy for me. I created reality within my imagination. Then I was having too many thoughts to sit and chill. My imagination created “out of my comfort zone” reality. That is what I wrote about and forwarded to popular magazines. To my surprise, I received payment for several of those stories/articles.

It was spring 2010 when I relocated to my home town, where I grew up. As I was trying to figure out the course and the road I wanted to take with my life, I rented a building and opened a gift shop. As an interior decorator by trade, I knew how to put flower arrangements together and some arts & crafts. It was open to the public to bring items into my shop for me to sell on commission. I did foresee that I was not going to make a lot of money at first. Therefore I did send in more stories. I had too; I wanted to eat, I had car expenses, gym membership, and overhead for my shop.

After being in the retail business for several months, one of my vendors gave me a copy of his CD: he and his wife sung in a gospel group. I was already a Christian and was a believer. I did trust God with my finances and was a praying woman. I got back into my childhood church, thinking I could sit on a pew every time we had a service. I also thought that since the stories I wrote was just tales of my imagination that it was just a job that I created for myself to make easy money.

I wanted to help promote this couples CD and did listen to it. When I heard the song “Not For Sale,” the power of the spirit within me convicted me of my sins. I fell to my knees and began to cry like a baby. I then knew I was guilty of selling out. I begged God for forgiveness. I also confessed to the ladies at church and asked for prayers. I promised that I would never again write anything I wouldn’t want them to read. I have done some assignments for a different but similar magazine. Even though these stories/articles required some research, I do believe to be somewhat dicey.

It was 2012 when I got more involved in church activities. I began to study my bible more. I put my novel on the back burner for several months trying to figure out how to take some of the explicit material out or reword it. As I got closer to God, it was easier to do. I also started writing poetry, religious articles, and concepts. I then changed my business to Rosa’s Concepts.

The beginning of 2014, I thought my novel was ready to be published. With help from the internet, I have been trying to edit it myself and found more issues than I realized. It is a slow process, but I am getting there. I find myself praying as I go step by step.

It is March 2015, and I am walking down many roads simultaneously with my writing. I am very active in my church. I have fallen in love with toddlers and babies. The elderly are my role models. I have brothers and sisters in Christ that I care about, pray for, and love dearly. My faith conquers, and my wisdom is my fortune. ©

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