Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tiny Houses

Simple Out Door Living

Why build a large house when you have much outdoor space. Otherwords, a tiny home or camper is all you need. It is almost like camping 365 days a year. It is one of life's simple joys.

A love for grilling is the best reason to step outside into your backyard. Build a  deck or patio for simple living. You can install an outside fireplace kit. It will be necessary for those cold days and evenings. Grills including outdoor kitchenettes make close-by counters a must, year round.

Whether your outdoor area is a deck or a patio with several acres or a half an acre, dining outdoors is a much-anticipated ritual, entertainment, and pastime during all seasons of the year. Take an idea from establishments that turn sidewalks or patios into outdoor cafes.  

Remodeling your lawn, deck or patio into a dining area requires minimal effort—just general sense and planning. Follow simple or complex design ideas and tips to improve the experience for you and your guests.

Living Off Grid

Living Off Grid