Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Could You Live Without Toilet Paper?

Out House

Toilet paper, toilet tissue, bathroom tissue -  is a convenience that we take for granted. Sure we could live without it but would we want to.


  • A middle-easterner would use their left hand…. eew. Folks didn't know what hand sanitizer was back then.
  • Ancient Greeks used stones and clay. 
  • The Romans would use sponges. Usually, the sponge was on a stick.
  • In the early American West, it was widespread to use a catalog. If you were done looking at the Sears Wishbook, it ends up in the outhouse. 
  • Pioneers grew and harvested so much corn; therefore, the corn husks were one of their most popular toilet paper options. 
Toilet paper’s been commercially available in the United States since 1857 — and was produced splinter-free since 1935.

What to use when out of toilet paper

Despite its worldwide presence, the facts are that one day you'll find yourself in great need of toilet paper, and there will be none in sight. Toilet paper is a modern luxury that we tend to take for granted until the moment we reach for it and find nothing but a cardboard roll. So what do you do? Directly pursue all options — every single one of them.

baby wipes

paper towels
coffee filters
notebook paper
plastic bag
rubber gloves
spray bottle of water
lettuce leaves