Sunday, January 20, 2019

Kids Will be Kids v/s Bipolar and Drugs

Psychiatry and Psychology

 I think there is pretty good agreement about what bipolar in adults looks "like." However, bipolar in kids, there is some significant debates about where are the boundaries. 

At the mild end, could these just be kids who are active? Is this the "class clown" at the very least? - Is this something separate than a mood disorder?

I feel starting kids on psych drugs while they are in school is a huge reason our jails are full of meth addicts now. When the insurance runs out the addiction does not, adult kids turn to street drugs for their unscientific diagnosis of anxiety, depression and bipolar they grew up having. Some kids are drugged as young as one year old now, and most kids under age six are being drugged down with psych drugs. 

Desoxyn—The Legal Methamphetamine

Adderall is Meth's Brother. 

Psychiatrists are prescribing to kids over six so growing up addicted to Meth is a huge problem with these Psych Doctors having free range to drug our kids and fill our prisons as they turn to street drugs. Parents need to say NO.