Monday, January 28, 2019

Diva - Sugar & Spice But Not So Nice

Behind Every Woman There Is a Story

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Each personality does not fit all women. All of us can blow steam at any given moment. Some more often than others. Some women are too classy to pitch a fit. Some woman has natural beauty and doesn't even know it. Most of us can go from a sophisticated woman to a loud-mouthed woman in a matter of minutes and visa verse.

The Sophisticated Woman - Sugar & Spice But Not So Nice

The most recognized characteristic is she has her set of rules. She is Wonder Woman of this society. She is strong-willed, independent and believes she is capable of doing what she pleases. She thinks she is all that and then some. She has much self-respect; controls her emotions, manners and body language in a lady-like way.

She has no fear of the competition, willing to go the extra mile and backs down from no one. She is always in the learning mode, takes mental notes and keeps a journal. She is professionally inclined; be it a career or self-employment. She is aggressive, assertive, and ambitious and has much pride in her accomplishments; but yet insists on being treated like a lady and not data/objects.

She will not take on a task in which she is not passionate, preachy and pushy. She is self-made and desires to design her life and requires much space. She is a go-getter, goal setter and plans ahead. She is a positive thinker/optimistic. She thinks outside the box and sees the results. Sometimes things do not go as planned; then its time for a backup plan. Tomorrow is a new day.

When it comes to her fashion, she dresses for success, be it sexual, to hook a man, further a career or stand out. She is very much feminine, unique and has her style. She takes checks periodically in the mirror. She seeks self-worth, gratification and is true to herself/her beliefs but is very tactful in how she elegantly represents herself and in what she says and does. She is polished and well smitten.

She is the type of woman to step up to the plate, organize or re-organize events or groups, make a difference, sometimes change the way things were before and she gets away with it. Consciously or unconsciously, she irritates others and makes others feel uneasy. You may try to ignore her and argue with her but you can’t. Habitually, she can suddenly appear within a group or disappear from a group without prior notice.

As a friend, she will drop everything and come to your aid. She is your number one critic; offering constructive criticism pushes you to higher levels and encourages you. Relationships are vital to her. She always finds time for her best friends, her children and the man in her life.
"I dress in a sophisticated and classy way - I always dress in a way I know my mother wouldn't be embarrassed to see." Jessie Ware

The Crude Woman - Chili Peppers

The most recognized characteristic is she thinks she is equivalent to a man. This woman is arrogant, cranky and malicious. She is a Drama Queen of this society. She is a busybody and is always putting in her two cents worth. She has little respect for herself and others.

She fears the competition and will not take many chances. She is uneducated and inexperienced (it’s not her fault). She does not care to learn anything new. She never finishes what she starts. She thinks her know it all. She accuses others of mistreating her and takes everything personal (that’s the only mental notes she keeps).

She will take on many tasks and pretend to care or be interested in it. She will make things up as she goes. She is overbearing, inflexible and blunt. She does not care how she walks, sits, and flops down, mopes around or what tone of voice she uses. She tends to make sure people can hear and see her.

She does not care if she has the worst looking yard or car on the block (after all, it’s not her fault). When it comes to her fashion, she has none. She will wear the same thing over and over (hi heels and makeup are out). Most of the time, she will go from one extreme to the other.

She is the type of woman to follow the crowd (she needs someone to blame if things go wrong). She accuses others of not driving right and gets heated up to road rage. She consciously irritates others. You may try to ignore her or argue with her but you can’t. She lives in her world.

As a friend, be ready to jump when she calls. She needs to borrow this or wants that (wanting a hand out). Relationships, she can take it or leave it.
"Every third person in the world is a drama queen. Also, crying 'victim,' especially when you're not a victim in any real way, feels good. It feels good to cry victim if you're not one." John McWhorter


"I keep my head, heels, and standards high. I am fun, single, amazing like a breath of fresh air, crazy like a fox, smart as a whip, nothing but the truth (not bragging just facts), the girl next door with a twist."  Rosa Ann Crowder