Thursday, December 6, 2018

Writing Is Therapy

Writing Is Thoughts On Paper

At first, all you see is a blank page. Minutes later, you are scribbling away like your thoughts are chasing you. At moments, you only intended on doing a page. But after some minutes, you have already written two pages, and you’re not even halfway there.

You love listening to your thoughts. Thinking comes naturally. Sometimes we try as much as possible to avoid it; embrace it. You ask yourself, “Why do you think so much?” The truth is, there is no answer to that because you do it! 

You are not in grade school, and nobody is going to grade you on it. However, it is essential that the few minutes you designate honored by family, friends, housemates, and pets. You should be out of the house if you need to and write at a café or the library.

Writing Is A Relationship You Have With Your Soul

To make the right decisions in life, you have to become in touch with your soul. You are focusing solely on yourself. To do this, you need to feel solitude, which most people are scared of because in the stillness you hear the truth and know the solutions. 

Every relationship goes through highs and lows, good and bad times. If you are not attentive, you can lose heart, lose hope, and lose faith in yourself.

Explore your feelings; Putting it all on paper will help you do that. A lot of misery may flow onto the page, and that is good. You have to remove the hurt first (bitterness, fears, disappointments) before you can find the healing.
The beauty is to help you grow as a person, help you identify patterns in your life, and help you gain perspective and control over your environment.

Take Notes – A Journal or A Diary

What do you do when you’re struggling? Share your feelings with your journal or diary. Give yourself sound advice, honor yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions by chatting with yourself on paper. However, you always come back to your journal. Feel the need to put words on paper like you need oxygen. Both are necessary for survival. We must use our talents, brain, and courage to succeed. For successful journalism, love conquers all. Make it an event to remember. Your journal is a place of innocent. You can explore whatever is on your mind without fretting about how it will affect anyone else. You write about your ups and downs.

The Struggles of Writing

Writing becomes a struggle more often than not. In all its forms makes the process a whole lot harder.
  • The idea of putting yourself through the torture of writing
  • Putting words on paper is no longer appealing.
  • Dealing with the negativity and doubt
  • Reality as you see it hits you in the face
  • Allowing it to beat you. 
You are allowed to feel awkward and self-conscious. What can you do? You take the good with the bad. Treating the times of struggle as a test of commitment, helping you get through it. Writing takes both patience and dedication, do not let the hard times stop you!

Writing Is a Love-Hate Relationship

Therapeutic journaling can both break your heart, but save your soul? It feels good to write but stinks at the same time.
  • Being in your little world can be lonesome.
  • Your words can elevate your spirit and pursue dreams.
  • Stringing words together in ways that both delight and scare you.
  • To take care of your mental state, you must first feel like crap.
All you must do is muster the courage to write and step up your game. There is a story within your story.

Writing is Creative and Artistic

Writing is a gift and should be enjoyable. Keep a spirit of play, and infuse some pages with a little humor. Adding art and creativity keeps the process fresh and inviting. Feel free to detail your experiences. Follow your instincts, and you will be on your way to a dedicated journalist in no time!

Material For Other Ideas

When you write, you realize that the fascinating thing is not knowing what will happen, and discovering an unexpected result.

By pairing things together to see how they play off each other is easy to do and very satisfying to see a story transform. Anything you come across in daily life is an idea for a story.