Friday, December 28, 2018

I'm In Love With My Life

  Put God First

I am always a dreamer. I am a deep thinker with incredible powers of observation.  I love to create. I am a poet at heart. I am a lover of truth, wisdom, knowledge, and random acts of kindness. I love being a woman... I believe in chivalry. Godly with a little lousy girl edge... I am gifted as a decorator, a writer, transparency, and expressionism. I am an admirer of beauty, art, music, literature, and poetry. I love to be moved, to feel, to express and a movie that makes me think. I love challenges and stretching my abilities.

I love the morning sun rises and the last of the rays of light stretching from the horizon and looking upwards at the blue-black sky with the first of the evening stars preparing to take their place. I love God, His Word, His mercy, His grace, and His love. I love that God has His hand in my life, engineering, and building something from an idea in my head...

I love front porch swings.  I love my morning coffee and evening hot green tea. I love the sound of rain and the beauty of a rainbow. I love complex over simple. I love architecture, antique furniture, refinishing furniture, decorating, textures, and the color of red. I like to wear high heels, cool boots, and skirts and big cotton t-shirts. I love nature, mountains, water, and the ocean.  I love to explore, but sometimes comfortable silence is welcomed…..

Be in Love With Your Life - Every Minute of it

To say you need a vacation from your daily life is ridiculous; because we take all the baggage with us. The secret is to live a life worth living, seek happiness, and boycott all that is dragging you down. I have learned not to let anyone or anything suck the joy out of me.

Failure Is Not An Option

I think the definition of failure is not having passion, settling for average, and being too afraid to take chances.

I have disciplined myself to examine my thoughts and behavior and relentlessly toss anything that is hindering me from being my best, most glitzy self. It’s a joyful process of self-discovery, but it also requires commitment and tremendous guts.

My Quotes - Rosa's Concepts

“Life is awe-inspiring! To take great care of yourself spiritually, physically, and emotionally is the best gift you can give yourself and those who love you.”     
“When I have a lot on my plate, I call it a blue plate special. In my younger days, a lot on my plate was all right; I had a big appetite and a lot of energy. Nowadays, as an older lady, a lot on my plate isn’t that wise.”
“Do not be a false friend. Always be kind and thoughtful. You have the power to bless as well as to curse. Choose your words carefully. Things have a way of coming back around to us.”    
 "I keep my head, heels, and standards high. I am fun, single, amazing like a breath of fresh air, crazy like a fox, smart as a whip, nothing but the truth (not bragging just facts), the girl next door with a twist."   
“Life is not a bed of roses. There will always be thorns. It is our attitude, how we land on our feet and how to hit the curve balls and the fastballs that life pitches.”
"When we become grandparents, we get in touch with our inner-child, that is what makes us awesome grandparents.”    
 “You are the author of your life. You cannot erase your mistakes. You can only learn from them.”     
“Love your life, Be Powerful, Be Beautiful, Be free, Be Wonderful, Be Magical, Be You. You are not your mistakes, and you have made a few. Love your life. Be where you want to be. “     
"Alcohol, as with any medicine; you risk addiction, serious illness, and potential death. Alcohol is no different and should be respected like any other drug…drink responsibly, and I will drink to that.”

“Love your life, Be Powerful, Be Beautiful, Be free, Be Wonderful, Be Magical, Be You. You are not your mistakes, and we all have made a few. Love your life. Be where you want to be." Rosa's Concepts